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How do I change my username or email address?
You cannot change your username. It confuses other users and it is a general pain in the ass for the administrators. To change your email address :
 1. Come up with a good excuse. We don't do it just for kicks!
 2. Contact the administrators.
How do I put images in my posts?
Use CrazyCode. If there are any other nifty things that you see other users inserting in their posts, go to "edit post" for that post and it will show you how they did it!
Why do some users get special status names?
They are premium subscribers. Sign up here.
Why do some users get to post HTML?
They are premium subscribers. Sign up here.
I forgot my password or username. How do I get them back without annoying the administrators?
Go to our password reset page.
I get an Internal Server Error when I try to add photos. Why won't it work?
Several possible reasons...
 1. You are on a slow connection and the page is timing out. Get broadband.
 2. You are trying to upload in an unsupported format. Try GIF, JPG, BMP, ICO, or TIF.
 3. The file is corrupted or saved with out-of-spec encoding. Try resaving, maybe with a different program.
If none of these work, try a different browser or computer.
It won't let me logout!
First, make sure your computer date is set to the correct year. If that doesn't work try rebooting your computer. If that doesn't work try deleting your cookies. If the problem persists, upgrade to a new browser.
Why does this site look like ass in Netscape?
Netscape is crap. We don't like it, we don't support it, and we would prefer that you didn't use it :)
What the hell is CrazyWeb? I thought this was The Wolf Web!
CrazyWeb is the software used to power this site. It is very flexible and can be implemented in many different scenarios. For information on the licensing of CrazyWeb, contact us!
Why can't I link to images in the Photo Gallery from other sites?
This is called Hotlinking, and we don't allow it. When an image is hotlinked, it is embedded on another page on another site and appears to be also on that site. However, the image remains on our site leaving our server to do all of the work needed to show it to EVERY person that visits the other site. While we don't allow hotlinking, we encourage you to give people the real URL to your Photo Gallery so that they can come to The Wolf web to view your photos!
Why did I get a "Bandwidth Exceeded" message?
In order to distribute our available bandwidth evenly among all of our users, we have been forced to limit the bandwidth of particularily greedy users. These 0.1% of our users account for over 20% of our bandwidth! If you are one of these greedy users, you may not even know it. Several things can contribute to your overuse:
 1. You are using some sort of "Internet Accelerator" program. This is very very bad. PLEASE stop using it.
 2. You are NATed (networking term), effectively combining you with your roomates or coworkers who are also NATed. We are working on a solution to this.

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