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 School Tool
Dept Name
AA Advanced Analytics
AC Agricultural Communications
ACC Accounting
ADN Art And Design
AEE Agricultural And Extension Education
AFS Africana Studies
AGI Agricultural Institute
ALS Agriculture And Life Sciences
ANS Animal Science
ANT Anthropology (also See Sociology)
ARC Architecture
ARE Agricultural And Resource Economics
ARS Unknown
AS Aerospace Studies
BAE Biological & Agricultural Engineering
BBS Bioprocessing
BCH Biochemistry
BEC Biomanufacturing Tr Ed Ctr
BIO Biological Sciences
BIT Biotechnology
BMA Biomathematics
BME Biomedical Engineering
BO Botany
BUS Business Management
CBS Comparative Biomedical Sciences
CE Civil Engineering
CFR College Of Natural Resources
CH Chemistry
CHE Chemical Engineering
CL Comparative Literature
CNR College Of Natural Resources
COM Communication
COP Unknown
CRD Unknown
CS Crop Science
CSC Computer Science
D Design
DAN Physical Education - Dance
DDN Design - Graduate
DF Design Fundamentals
DN Design
E Engineering
EA Environmental Assessment
EAC Adult And Community College Education
EC Economics
ECD Counselor Education
ECE Electrical And Computer Engineering
ECG Economics - Graduate
ECI Curriculum And Instruction
ECO Ecology
ED Education
EDP Educational Psychology
EI Entrepreneurship Initiative
ELM Elementary Education
ELP Educational Leadership And Program Evaluation
EMS Mathematics, Science And Technology Education
ENG English
ENT Entomology
EOE Occupational Education
ES Environmental Science
ET Environmental Technology
FCS Family And Consumer Sciences
FL Foreign Languages And Literatures
FLA Unknown
FLC Foreign Languages And Literatures - Chinese
FLE Foreign Languages And Literatures - English
FLF Foreign Languages And Literatures - French
FLG Foreign Languages And Literatures - German
FLH Foreign Languages And Literatures - Hebrew
FLI Foreign Languages And Literatures - Italian
FLJ Foreign Languages And Literatures - Japanese
FLK Foreign Languages And Literatures - Swahili
FLN Foreign Languages And Literatures - Hindi
FLP Foreign Languages And Literatures - Portuguese
FLR Foreign Languages And Literatures - Russian
FLS Foreign Languages And Literatures - Spanish
FM Feed Mill
FOR Forestry
FPS Fiber And Polymer Science
FS Food Science
FSA Food Safety
FTM Fashion and Textile Mgmt
FW Fisheries And Wildlife Sciences
GC Graphic Communications
GD Graphic Design
GEO Geography
GN Genetics
GR Special Graduate Categories
GRK Foreign Languages And Literatures - Greek
GS Genomic Sciences
GTI NC Global Training Initiat
HA History Of Art
HI History
HON Honors
HS Horticultural Science
HSS Humanities And Social Sciences
IA Industrial Arts
ID Industrial Design
IDS Unknown
IE Industrial Engineering
IMM Immunology
IMS Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering
INT Unknown
IS Unknown
ISE Industrial and Systems Eng
JDP Unknown
LAR Landscape Architecture
LAT Foreign Languages And Literatures - Latin
LOG Logic
LPS Ldrshp Pub Sector
M Management
MA Mathematics
MAE Mechanical And Aerospace Engineering
MAT Materials Science And Engineering
MB Microbiology
MBA Business Administration
MDS Multidisciplinary Studies
MEA Marine, Earth, And Atmospheric Sciences
MIE Management Innovation En
MIS Master Of International Studies Program
MLS Liberal Studies
MS Military Science
MSE Materials Science And Engineering
MT Unknown
MUS Music
NE Nuclear Engineering
NPS Nonprofit Studies
NR Natural Resources
NS Naval Science
NSE Unknown
NTR Nutrition
NW Nonwovens
OR Operations Research
PA Public Administration
PB Plant Biology
PCC Polymer And Color Chemistry
PE Physical Education
PEC Physical Education-Coaching
PEF Physical Education-Fitness
PEG Physical Education - Golf
PEH Physical Education-Health Studies
PEO Physical Education-Outdoors
PER FLPER-For Lang - Persian
PES Physical Education-Sports
PHI Philosophy (also See Religion)
PHY Physiology
PMS Physical And Mathematical Sciences
PO Poultry Science
PP Plant Pathology
PRK Park Scholars
PRT Parks, Recreation And Tourism Management
PS Political Science
PSE Paper Science Engineering
PSY Psychology
PY Physics
REL Religion (also See Philosphy)
SOC Sociology (also See Anthropology)
SSC Soil Science
ST Statistics
STS Science, Technology, And Society
SVM Unknown
SW Social Work
T Textiles
TAM Textile And Apparel Management
TC Textile Chemistry
TDE Tech Engr & Des Educ
TE Textile Engineering
TED Technology Education
TES Textile Engineering And Science
TID Technology For International Development
TMS Textile Materials Science
TOX Toxicology
TT Textile Technology
TTM Textile Technology Management
USC Unknown
VMA Veterinary Science
VMB Unknown
VMC Veterinary Science
VMF Veterinary Science
VMM Veterinary Science
VMP Unknown
VMS Veterinary Science
VPH Unknown
WGS Women's And Gender Studies
WPS Wood And Paper Science
ZO Zoology
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